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2. Using Arson

Features of Arson

  • Full progress displayed for all lengthy operations
  • Drag and drop from Konqueror to create play lists
  • Audio CD Burning
    • Accurate track length tally displayed as track list grows
    • Can burn using cdrdao or cdrecord (in Disk at Once, or Track at Once)
    • Supports various audio file types, currently:
      • Wav
      • MP3
      • OGG Vorbis (optional)
      • SHN
      • FLAC (optional)
  • Can optionally normalize (in batch or mix mode) all tracks before burning to even out volumes
  • Supports sox to fix broken audio tracks (tracks not in 44100Khz, 16bit, stereo)
  • Can open, and optionally verify MD5 disk sets
  • Can load track lists from m3u files
  • VCD Burning
    • Can create and burn VCDs and SVCDs
  • Data CD Burning
    • Existing ISO, and CUE/BIN files
    • Image creation/burning from single directory tree
    • Complete filesystem creation
    • ISO images burned with either cdrdao or cdrecord
  • Audio CD ripping/encoding (rip tracks from CD to file)
    • Can rip audio tracks using cdda2wav OR cdparanoia
    • Encoding in various output file formats, currently:
      • WAV
      • MP3 (bladeenc, and LAME supported)
      • Ogg Vorbis (optional)
      • FLAC (optional)
      • AU
      • CDR
      • AIFF
      • AIFC
    • CdIndex support (a free CDDB-like service)
      • HTTP retrieval
    • Freedb support (a free, open CDDB service)
      • HTTP, and local retrieval
      • HTTP, and local submit
    • CD-Text retrieval
    • Supports generic SCSI and cooked IOCTL interfaces
    • Auto tagging of MP3 files using id3v2
    • Configurable audio quality presets (bitrate, channels, etc)
  • CD-to-CD copying
    • Direct copy
    • CD-to-file-to-CD copying
    • Using either readcd/cdrecord or cdrdao
  • Device unlock/reset
  • CDRW Blanking

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Bob Lockie
Thierry Leriche

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