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2. Using Arson

Requirements of Arson

  • Burning CDs requires a system that has a CDR[W] drive, and/or other CDROM devices properly setup as specified by the CD-Writing HOWTO (SCSI or SCSI emulation), this document can be found here.

  • Also, this IS just a frontend, so the programs that do the actual work are obviously required. A full list of these programs can be found in the Programs tab of the configuration dialog. Which programs are actually required depends on what you plan on doing with arson. If you are only planning to rip audio tracks, then obviously none of the burning software is required, and vice versa.

  • The audio CD ripper should work with any CDROM drive configuration. If you do not have a SCSI CDROM drive, or an ATAPI CDROM drive configured to use SCSI emulation, then add an IOCTL device entry in the Devices page of the configuration dialog.

  • 2wav is required for ripping audio tracks. cdda2wav or cdparanoioa can be used to actually rip the tracks, but cdda2wav is required to do the initial disk scan (it provides more information about the tracks, and disk, which cdparanoia does not).

  • cdrdao is required for audio CD copying. readcd/cdrecord can only be used to copy data CDs.

  • cdrdao is required for audio CD writing, support for writing audio CDs with cdrecord will come in the future.

  • Currently arson can only write data CDs by writing a single directory tree, and a data CD copy. To write a directory tree mkisofs is required in addition to either cdrdao or cdrecord. Either cdrdao, or readcd/cdrecord is required to do a data CD copy.

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