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4. Configuration


Here is where the extraction of audio from CDs is configured.

General Ripper Options

CD Lookup

Add Source

Here you can add other places to lookup CD information from.
  • You can add a remote CDDB database.

  • You can add a local CDDB database.

  • You can add a remote CDINDEX database.

Audio Quality

Constant Bitrate
constant bitrate means that the bitrate doesn't vary during the video or audio at all, but is same through the clip. CBR bitrates are very easy to use in calculations -- if you have an audio file that has CBR of 128kbit/sec and it lasts for 3 minutes, the amount of HDD space it takes can be calculated easily:
Variable Bitrate
VBR stands for Variable Bit Rate. The bit rate of a coded audio file is the number of bits (binary digits - 0s or 1s - bits of digital information) that are required to store 1 second of audio. An mp3 at 128kbps requires 128,000 (ish!) bits to store 1 second of audio. The point of psychoacoustic coding is that you only store the audible part, but just how much information is needed to represent the audible part varies from 1 moment to the next. Silence doesn't contain very much information at all - rather than storing thousands of zeros, you could just store a code meaning "so many seconds of silence". A Variable bitrate coder will vary the bit rate, depending on how much information is needed to store the audible part of a signal from moment to moment. If a decoder expects the same number of bits every second, this can really confuse it!


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